Quote Diary 15: Don’t let your actions lead evil


Divine Dancer

Though I loved dancing and also being well trained in Bharatnatyam never did I think of making a career out of it. My Kanjivaram sari, ornaments of shingar and ghoongru lie untouched. Dance rejuvenates you. Just like any other form of leisure activity. This murti brings back all the memories. 

All hail Lord Nataraj.🙏🏻 The divine dancer.

The Smoke Veil


Adorns thousand masks,
hid he’s face beneath.

Man with thousand thoughts,
few to be words.

Thousand voices inside,
None of them, concise.

He is hurt,
still mending.
He is lost,
yet focused.

He is sober,
yet drunk.
He is confused,
and troubled,

These voices
getting doubled.
These thoughts
turning trouble.

Lips closed, lowered jaw,
lit up cigarette.
hid beneath
The Smoke Veil.